The Last Boy and Girl in the World by Siobhan Vivan

…read it!


This was a really intriguing book. It’s pretty much about this town that keeps slowly going underwater and the citizens are eventually forced to leave. During all of this, teen girl Keeley Hewitt is tryna live her life in the water bound town of Aberdeen. 

Full of funny-typical-teen awkwardness and throroughly touching moments, it was a satisfying read. *kind of spoiler alert I guess* the ending between her and the major love interest had me fee.ling.things. I was proud because I thought that she had made the right decision and yet I was somewhat disappointed because I’m a fan of the fairytale styled “happily ever after”. Although the book did have its dry moments—too many flashbacks for my taste— they were completely overshadowed by the moments of absolute brilliance. *internet hugs Siobhan Vivan*


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