The Purge 

just leave it. 

This movie was not as good as the rest—and the rest weren’t that good. These movies aren’t my favourite in general as I am not a fan of watching women making fools of themselves *rolls eyes* but, I can usually count on it to be somewhat entertaining. This time around, I was not entertained. 

First of all, the characters made too many stupid choices. Like so stupid to the point where I was distracted by the immense stupidity. I just can’t stop shaking my head guys, seriously. LIKE WHY WOULDN’T YOU KILL YOUR BIGGEST THREAT WHEN YOU HAVE A CLEAR OPPORTUNITY. Ugh. Other than that, the film’s second hamartia was that is was way way too predictable. Within the first couple of minutes I knew who would survive The Purge and who wouldn’t.

Although it sounds like I despised the film, I did not. It was tolerable. It made me jump. But it could have been better
P.S. The whole time I was thinking “beware the Ides of March”.  Get it? Cuz the purge is in March. Ha. 


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