Beautiful Disater/ Beautiful Wedding/Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

…read it!!


There seems to be a lot of controversy about this book being “anti-feminist” or something but I mean I consider myself a feminist and really loved it!!

This book is about this girl Abby Abernathy and her kind of messed up loved story. I guess I can see why people would think that it’s anti-feminist as in some moments, her relationship seems really unhealthy but… I’m not gonna lie, it made for a great story. 

I’m kinda in love with the relationship in this book (I’m trying trying not to spoil anything)!!!! It is a mess and they go through so much but the unconditional love, man. It was real. Well I guess not really real as it is a fictional story but stiiiiiiill. It was one of those books where I was up until 4:45am because I seriously could not put it down. I also love that there is a sequel and a bunch of other books relating to the Maddox family. I really thought that these books were amazing and I’d love to see them turned to into a movie


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