Reason to Breathe/ Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan

…honey, do yourself a favor and leave it. 


I went into this book thinking that it would give me that heart-fluttering teen romance feel, but it didn’t. I gave these books so many chances but each time, it just let me down. 

So basically these novels are about this girl Emily and her life living in/the aftermath of  an abusive household. She falls in love blah blah blah and life gets hella hard. 

FIRST OF ALL, the whole novel was like reading bad fanfiction. The writing wasn’t the best but you just want to know how the story ends. I tried to look past the writing, I tried to hold on to the storyline and was so extremely disappointed. The story just was not good enough and this sucks because I stayed up for so long reading these books. SECOND OF ALL, I found the main character to be stupid. Like I just thought that she made such bad decisions that when it came to the end of Barely Breathing I’m pretty sure that I should have been surprised or something but, I wasn’t. Often times these novels failed to evoke emotion where it was obviously intended. I almost felt like this book was written in front of a studio audiance with bright flashing signs saying Laugh and Cry. I’m not into that

I really do hate to be such a savage because writing is such a beautiful art form… I guess I just wasn’t a fan of this piece.


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