Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas

…read it


This happens to be my coworker’s favourite book so I went into reading this with super high expectations. Sugar Daddy was REALLY GOOD but for me personally, it was not the best. 

Now I know that this happens to be a favourite of many people so don’t kill me!!!! I did like the book but there was just so much going on and that I just wanted to tell Lisa, “WAIT WHAT. WE JUST SKIPPED 10 YEARS IN LIKE 150 PAGES”. 

On a positive note, I did really like the character development going on with Liberty as she gains self-esteem and self-assurance. She really grew as a person as she (*SPOILER ALERT*) finally moves on from Hardy and falls for Gage *happy tears*.   Furthermore, the language use was kinda cool. People rarely use the word augury, I think we should bring it back. #SaveTheAugury

Al it all, this was a solid read and that’s about it!


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